Bob and Gill Berry
Traditional and Contemorary Folk Songs in Harmony
BitterSweet CD Track List Sample
England's Glory    (J Prosser)
I Wandered By A Brookside (Milne/Berry)
Suffer Little Children (Flannery/Foulkes)
Winter Man    (C Leslie)  
Revels Day   (J Pullen)
Brown Girl   (Trad)  
May Dew   (Trad)
Gay Green Gown   (Trad)  
Tom Goes to Hilo   (Trad)  
Fisher Lad of Whitby   (B Berry)  
Dockyard Wall   (S Woolley  
Fair Flora    (Trad)  
Calum More    (A Mitchell)  
Song of Time   (A Bell)

Recorded and produced by Doug Bailey at WildGoose Studios,
Wherwell, Hampshire, England.   With the playing of :
Anahata (Cello),  Pete Harris (Bass Guitar),
Keith Kendrick (Concertina),  Paul Sartin (Fiddle, Oboe),
Jo Veal (Clarinet).

BitterSweet CD

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BitterSweet CD

"Bob and Gill's new CD contains 14 songs, five of which are traditional. They reflect the descriptive title, ranging from joyful songs of rural May revels to bitter songs of industrial strife and child poverty in late nineteenth century London. Though even the bitterest are tinged with hope. The collection also includes classic ballads and even a sea shanty.

"All are sung beautifully and with great sensitivity. Instrumental backing is provided by Bob and also by Anahata, Pete Harris, Keith Kendrick, Paul Sartin and Jo Veal, all of whom are top performers in their own right.

"All together, a wide ranging, thought provoking and enjoyable CD."

   Dick Nickolls - Folkmag